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The West Lafayette Neighborhood Resource Team enforces parking, city code and animal control to keep the community safe and in order. Here are some general guidelines to keep you in line and in the know.


You cannot park your car on any city street for more than 24 hours. Certain areas limit parking to two or three hours, so be sure to check the posted time limits. Trust us, if you violate the time limit, you will get a ticket. Keep your car off any lawn, even for repairs, and never park on private property.


Keep your property looking clean and free of any trash. Use dumpsters or garbage cans with lids to store your garbage until it is removed. Labeled bins are provided if you wish to drop off recyclable materials at 705 S. River Road.

Keep in mind that appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners will not be picked up by the city. You will have to pay and make special arrangements to throw these items away. For more information, contact the Street, Sanitation and Recycling Department at 765-775-5242.

Trash IconDuring move-in/move-out periods in August and May, you’ll probably do some cleaning and realize that you have more trash than space. Don’t worry. West Lafayette provides extra trash services during those times.

Free, large trash dumpsters at sites near campus allow you to discard household items and extra trash. Computers, TVs and other electronics must be e-cycled. A van from Goodwill Industries can drive to your home to collect any items you’d like to donate. These efforts have significantly reduced the amount of trash on streets and in alleys each year.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, visit www.wl.in.gov.


Parking SignCity housing inspectors routinely conduct property inspections, and if you have a nuisance violation, you’ll deal with code enforcement officers of the West Lafayette Police Department.

If you violate the code once, an officer may just issue a warning. If you receive a warning, it’s time to change the suggested behavior, because if not, non-compliance will result in a $50 Ordinance Violation Bureau ticket. You’ll then either pay the ticket through the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office or pursue the matter in City Court. If you repeat the violation, the fines will increase and other actions may ensue. So the best bet is to keep things simple and follow the code the first time around.


Noise that is audible to a person, property or premises more than 50 feet from the source disturbs the peace if it is clearly noticeable between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. Examples of noise violations that may also disturb the peace include:

  • Radios or other devices for the reproduction or amplification of music
  • Musical instruments
  • Yelling or shouting
  • Construction or machinery between the hours of 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Violations to the noise ordinance can result in fines ranging from $50 to $500.


The City of West Lafayette has a rental housing inspection program to protect the interests of tenants, property owners and character of the neighborhoods, and to ensure the public health, safety and welfare of all individuals living in the city.

Every rental property must be certified by the city. Rental properties may be inspected annually, every two years or every four years depending upon the location and the use of the property. But don’t worry. For the most part, this won’t be your problem because the property owner is ultimately responsible for compliance with the code.

However, you will have to tend to the cleanliness of your place and yard if your lease requires it.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on the inspection and certification of rental housing regulations, go to Chapter 117 of the West Lafayette City Code.


OCCUPANCY LIMITATIONS (Chapter 102 Section 1-10-2: Definitions)

West Lafayette’s New Unified Zoning Ordinance of Tippecanoe County (NUZO) outlines occupancy limits specific to certain areas. Simply put, that means residential areas have limits on how many people can occupy a single house or apartment. So if you planned on packing a house full with as many people as possible, think again.

Questions on specific properties should be directed to the Code Enforcement Department at 765-775-5160.


The Housing-Property Maintenance Code establishes standards that pertain to the safety and appearance of your property. The code covers things such as exterior property, interior structure, electrical systems, fire safety, space requirements, sanitary conditions and more.

Again, maintaining most of this will be in the hands of your landlord. But as a tenant, it’s important to know the code and do what you can to maintain your property in line with it. The role you play in keeping your property to code can fluctuate depending on your lease. Remember, you are always personally responsible for the cleanliness of your individual unit.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on housing inspection and certification, contact the West Lafayette Department of Development at 765-775-5160.